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This form is encrypted to protect your personal and credit card details.

When form is filled -in , you can save the booking details to your hard disk or print out a hard copy.

Please ensure you have completed all required sections before transmitting. Leave the N/A (Not Applicable) showing where services are not required.

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Rooms requirements

Double room

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Twin room

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Twin Room

Single room

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Triple room

= 1 bed for 2 people, 1 bed for 1 person


4) Selection of method of payment



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I authorize Cyclande to debit the deposit amount now

I authorize Cyclande to debit the due balance within 45 days of the tour start

Check : to "Cyclande" (Address : Cyclande, le Bourg, 46100 Beduer, France)

Wire payment: we will transmit to you wire payment references

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Before sending the form, make sure that you, as well as all the other participants for whom you are booking, have read and agreed all the booking conditions.

 If possible, we suggest you to print a copy of this form for your records

You attest the following:

"I have read and am authorized to agree on behalf of myself and all the participants of my party to accept the booking conditions of Cyclande as printed on this website. I am over 18 years old".